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3 months ago
Stigma In The Skilled Trades - Make It Right®

The key phrase... "I worked hard"

If you are up for the hard work trades are for you. There are few jobs that engage so much from a worker, body and mind, in order to complete the work. ... See more

There's a serious problem with people's perception of workers in trades. My dad Mike Holmes and I are trying to end the stigma in the skilled trades.

4 months ago

Yes we did! Put trusses up on, easily, the largest garage we've built. Good work team!

5 months ago
Photos from Above Board Carpentry's post

18 cy concrete. ICF. 1600 square foot garage. That's a wrap on concrete for this year. Next year is just around the corner.

5 months ago

We are expanding the services offered by Above Board Carpentry. Excited to make use of this Kubota U55.

6 months ago

Better to be waiting on concrete than to have concrete waiting on me.

#ToryHill #Haliburton #construction

6 months ago

Putting up a little gas shed near Kinmount. It's a pretty good idea considering there isn't a gas station close by.

6 months ago

Just getting into the ground in Tory Hill

7 months ago

Here is the Ingenuity part of our company.

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