The ABC Store

Welcome to The ABC Store!! This is the latest division alongside Above Board Carpentry.

We are still building high-performance, energy-efficient homes, but there is something about wood that’s bringing out our creative side.

Maple Cutting board

Our first creation is a hard wood, live edge cutting board. The boards are cross cuts from logs from right here in the Haliburton Highlands.

Clark’s Cutting Board Oil

Our cutting boards have been treated with an all natural cutting board oil to preserve and protect it. We chose this specific oil because it has anti-microbial properties; the lemon in it has an excellent disinfectant quality and it smells great. This product exceeds the FDA regulation on food safety.

Our cutting boards have most of their bark, have kept most of their rustic charm, and are ideal for your kitchen.

You can even have our logo branded into your board at no additional cost!

Hardwood Cutting Boards

Our hand cut, live edge, hardwood cutting boards are made from maple and ash.

Cutting Board Care Products

To maintain a healthy wooden cutting board, it should be oiled occasionally to keep the board from absorbing moisture and to keep the board from cracking or splintering.

See what products that are ideal for your cutting board.

Coming Soon

We are working on additional items for our collection as we speak; we hope you will check back soon for what’s new in The ABC Store.